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How to make your business thrive in the culture of immediacy

In today’s business world, the mere mention of having to wait too long is something to be hotly criticised and possibly worthy of being publicly berated on social media. No, we do not want to wait, so it’s now or we’ll go elsewhere.

We pay with an instant tap of our card, or a touch or click on the screen, and delivery should take no more than a day or two. Buffering, another big no, a few seconds waiting and then it’s time to move on. Even taxi’s and take-aways are subject to our unscrupulous tracking to ensure waiting is kept to a minimum.

Our developing mobile-led lifestyle has fuelled the change in customer behaviour, and therefore how businesses must react to stay ahead.

Consider mobile-led customer behaviour

Customers don’t need to log on to a computer to glean information, more likely they will simply use their smart phone from any location to browse company information, customer reviews and search for price comparisons, and will probably do so before contacting you.

Do you need to improve your mobile solution?

Your mobile offering needs to meet customer demands and be easy to use and offer seamless functionality. This way, your brand will be strengthened rather than dismissed.

Are your employees mobile-responsive?

Are your sales team mobile-led? Embracing a mobile-led team will allow employees to communicate with customers when they require it, whether via your website, app, social media sites, or customer review sites.

You can contact your prospects through social media by answering their questions and providing useful information, rather than interrupting with cold calls. By sharing relevant information with your target audience you can nurture prospective and existing client relationships and add value with the information you provide. This way, when they need a product or service, the positive brand message made through social media channels increase the chance of your business being chosen.