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In a report from the Aldermore SME Future Attitudes, more than half of UK SME leaders (52%) have five or less day’s holiday a year. The report also found:

• 21% of Small Business owners end up cancelling some holidays due to outstanding tasks.
• Once on holiday, 85% continue to respond to emails and phone calls related to work.
• Only 15% use holiday time to relax and do not use any of the time to work.

The report, released in July 2017, gives an overview of the working climate for entrepreneurs and small business owners with regards to annual leave. With the summer holiday period passing, one would hope that most business leaders will have taken some time to recharge, and get ready for the next quarter. However, almost shockingly, the report has found that ‘more than one in five people running SME’s took no time off last year, with sole traders being the worst offenders where 30% took no time off work at all’. Although many business leaders are choosing not to take annual leave, more than 70% of bosses ensure their employees use all of their holiday allowance. Only 17% of SME business leaders are aware that their employees do not take off their full allocation of annual leave, and do not intervene.

To read the report visit: Aldermore SME Future Attitudes