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HMRC currently has an open consultation on proposals to further improve the role of Companies House, with a view to having businesses submit more information for the purpose of helping to tackle economic crime.

The consultation’s focus is to stop the registered information from being misused and to help business owners become better protected against fraud.

In order to help to prevent the register being misused, the following areas are open to consultation:

  • knowing who is setting up, managing and controlling companies;
  • improving the accuracy and usability of data on the companies register;
  • protecting personal information on the register;
  • ensuring compliance, sharing intelligence, and other measures to deter abuse of corporate entities.

Louise Smyth, Chief Executive of Companies House, said:

‘This package of reforms represents a significant milestone for Companies House as they will enable us to play a greater part in tackling economic crime, protecting directors from identity theft and fraud, and improving the accuracy of the register.’

If you wish to share your views, you can do so online until the 5th August 2019.